Eden&Co Quality Leather Goods represents not only a brand, but a lifestyle – a heritage and an intergenerational bond.  The intrinsic art of leather craft has virtually existed from the beginning of time and handmade leather apparel is still honoured on almost every catwalk today. With leather crafting in the genes of our founders, we cannot help but to share this passion with the world. Combining beauty and practical designs, we have seen our products testing climates and pleasing customers in at least eight different countries in the world.

We believe in leather. We believe that every little scratch and mark tells a story – a story from the rugged life in Africa where strength still matters. We believe in natural materials that only improve with time. We believe that individually made products are better than cheap, mass production stuff. We believe in real people and real relations with the people that wear our bags and buy our products. We still believe in old school values, even though we find ourselves in an evolving world. We believe in family values. We believe that every person must strive to create something that will last longer than himself.

That is why we choose leather, why none of our leathers are sanded or treated to remove natural marks or scratches. That is why we create leather ware that a grandpa can easily pass on to a grandson in order to keep his heritage alive long after he is no longer. 

As we believe in the beautiful authenticity that is so unique to leather, we keep our designs as simple as possible. This places all the focus on the leather.  When experimenting with new designs, we begin with pen on paper, sketching and drawing, after which a few samples are made to fine tune the design to perfection. We create everything by hand. Every piece of leather is hand cut like artisans did hundreds of years before we even existed. Although this method is very time-consuming, we believe that it is still the only technique good enough for our standards - We don’t believe in second best. After cutting everything is assembled by hand – either through hand stitching everything with a needle and waxed thread using an age-old saddle stitching technique, or through an inherited sewing machine that has been in the family for decades. After assembly every product is inspected by the owners to ensure maximum quality, after which it is treated with leather food. Every order is then wrapped by hand, with a little handwritten note because we believe in real people and yesteryears virtues. 

As everything is 100% handmade by real people using methods as old as the mountains, you will be sure to own something unique – something embedded in a trusted past, but so durable and classic-designed that it will face the future with pride and dignity. As we use the highest quality natural products and everything is made by hand, our products will age beautiful, get only richer in character through use, and gain authenticity and a unique story through every person that uses that it through different generations.

Whether you are heading to the city or the African bushveld – your leather accessories will be ever so stylish – bringing the ruggedness, beauty and durability of Africa to the city, and the sleekness, classical design and practicality of the city to Africa. Using a classic material like leather, we ensure that our designs are equally classic and timeless. Whether your leather accessory is used in high heels or on a safari, in yesteryear or the next generation, your Eden&Co product will be at home.  Because we believe in style, not fashion. Because we believe in creating something beautiful, not selling for the sake of money. Because we believe in you, and we believe that every person is worth something that will one day tell your unique story. 

Welcome home, friend!