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From olden times to modern era, leather sandals has always been worth investing in and here is why:

BREATHABLE – Air pass through the sandals easily, keeping your feet cool. This gives leather sandals an advantage over synthetic sandals in summer time.

DURABLE – Genuine leather outlives synthetic sandals and will stay strong against challenging environment which means they are strong and will last long.

SIMPLY COMFY – Leather sandals adapts to wearers’ foot provide extra comfort and support to the feet. Comfort is the newest trend for sandal buyers.

EASY TO CLEAN – They can easily be wiped with a damp cloth. Leather sandals will last if looked after and treated with leather clear.

STYLISH – Leather has a very timeless and elegant look allowing them to remain in style for years to come!

We believe that a good pair of shoes or sandals can last multiple seasons, while being comfortable and luxurious at the same time. Our Footwear Collection strikes the perfect balance between luxury, comfort and durability.

How to build a jewellery collection

How to build a jewellery collection

A complete and balanced jewellery collection is an absolute necessity for any lady. However building one might be a daunting task. We are here to help! Here are three steps to start building the perfect jewellery collection:

Step 1: Start with the essentials

These pieces are for special occasions. They are bigger pieces that shows more of your personality. You will wear them with a cocktail dress to elevate your entire look.

    Step 2: Add some statement pieces

    These pieces are for special occasions. They are bigger pieces that shows more of your personality. You will wear them with a cocktail dress to elevate your entire look.

    Step 3: Add personal touches

    The final pieces needed to complete your collection are some personal pieces. These pieces will show your unique self. You can use them to add colour and personalised pieces to your jewellery collection.

    There are some extra things to keep in mind when putting your collection together. They include metal types, jewellery sizing and trends. Choosing the ring metal is very personal, we would advise you to wear both and experiment. This is the only way you will find out which one is your favourite. Your will have a natural feeling toward jewellery sizing. If you like big bulky pieces, go for it! Trends will come and go so add less trendy pieces and more timeless pieces.

    We truly hope this gives you a clear idea of how to start building you own jewellery collection!

    How to choose your wedding jewellery

    How to choose your wedding jewellery

    Choosing your wedding jewellery depends on your wedding dress and the type of dress neckline. Here are some tips on accessorising different types of dress necklines.


    Keep your accessories as simple as possible. This will highlight the natural curve of the collar bone that the boat neck emphasises. We recommend drop earrings such as our Leafy Pearl Earrings or Double Pearl Drop Earrings. They will create some movement, but are not too long and won’t touch the dress fabric.


    They are fun and easy to accessorise because you can pair them with about anything. Be bold, but stick with less is more. We recommend a statement necklace with matching earrings. Our Scattered Pearl Necklace and String of Pearl Earrings would complement a strapless gown to perfection.


    This is a very poplar neckline and depending on the dress style you could consider a simple pendant or pearl necklace. A good rule of thumb is that your necklace should not compete with the neckline of the dress. A simple pair of earrings with a matching bracelet would work just as good. We would recommend our Single Pearl Necklace, Leafy Pearl Earrings and/or our Pearl Bracelet.


    This is a trending choice at the moment so for a very simple dress go with a necklace and earrings – similar to the strapless neckline. However if your one-shoulder dress has more detailing, then definitely go for statement earrings! Go with our Large Pretty Woman, Double Pearl Drop or String of Pearl Earrings.


    If your dress has beading, go for earrings and a bracelet. If the gown has little to no beading you can try a necklace that complements the neckline of your dress. Our String of Pearl Earrings and Pearl Bracelet will complement a strapless dress flawlessly.


    These are seen a little less, but are absolutely gorgeous! The halter draws attention so the best would be to opt for mid-length earrings, a matching bracelet and a hair piece. Our Medium Pretty Woman or Double Pearl Drop Earrings are a perfect match.

    We recommend you purchasing your wedding jewellery no less than two months before your wedding day. That way you can have your jewellery with you when you go dress fitting!

    Have a look out for some new jewellery pieces that we will be launching throughout the year.

    How to style your mules!

    How to style your mules!

    Mules are super easy to pair with various outfits, from business casual to street style looks.

    Here are a few tips on how to wear your Mules:

    1. If you want to go for a timeless look. Pair black or tan leather mules with black straight-leg pants or chinos for a smart casual look.
    2. For a professional look, throw on an oversized blazer with your mules for a sophisticated look.
    3. For a casual look, pair them with skinny jeans. Style your mules with skinny jeans and a white button-down shirt for a casual outfit.
    4. Wear them with a dress. Pair your favorite mules with a flowy dress to balance out the sleekness of your mules.

    Invest in a pair of leather mules today! They will elevate any outift no matter the season!

    5 Fashion trends in 2022 – How to keep it classic

    5 Fashion trends in 2022 – How to keep it classic

    We’ve seen the trends and boy oh boy – it’s bold and bright! 

    With trends like sneakers, bold prints and neon colours dominating the fashion scene, you may feel lost in trying to keep it stylish. Let’s take a look at some of the trends we’d actually like to wear and how to complete your look with some classic pieces!

    Suit up

    Working from home and couping up the past year, resulted in sneakers, trackpants dominating fashion scene. This year they are opposing that trend by introducing the classic and very formal pants suit trend. Complete this look by layering your necklaces, some pearl earrings and some bright red lips to pull it off! Our bracelets will also add a finer style to this simplistic and corporate inspired look.

    Out with the skinny jeans – in with mom jeans

    Believe it or not, but after quite a few years of dominating the fashion scene, skinny jeans are on its way out! In with comfy, high rise and loose fitting “mom jeans”.

    Our deluxe desert boots and our double stitched belts are designed for this new trend and will definitely give you the earthy edge you’re looking for.

    Deets and pleats

    Oh how we love detail and all things pretty – so we welcome this trend wholehaeartedly. Pleated skirts are very fashionable this year, it works amazingly well with our New York Mules or rose gold Toe Post Sandals. 

    Pair your pleated dress with a plain T-shirt and a sun hat for a more casual version of the trend or throw in a turtleneck and some classic jewellery for a classic and  comfortable look at a wedding!

    Bulky bags

    No need to try and fit all of your belongings into dainty bags. Bulky bags are trending this season! The Klasik Duo will enable you to fit everything you need and more for a daily outing or picnic. Make the most of your summertime by adding this stylish accessory when you venture out over the weekend.

    Bright colours

    The brighter, the bolder. If you’re brave enough to jump into this trend, make sure you balance your look with a tan bag and some tan shoes. A black crossbody will round off any neon outfit and ground your look!

    WJ & Ania: Perfekte Plaastroue

    WJ & Ania: Perfekte Plaastroue

    “Al loop iets verkeerd op jou troudag…is jou dag nog steeds PERFEK, want jy trou met die liefde van jou lewe en jy deel die spesiale oomblik met vriende en familie. Wat kan ooit meer perfek wees as dit?” – Ania


    Hoe het julle ontmoet en hoe het hy jou gevra om te trou?

    WJ se nefie het met my beste vriendin getrou. Hy was ‘n strooijonker en ek was ‘n bruidsmeisie – hy van Nelspruit en ek van Pretoria. Toe ons op die troue ontmoet was dit “love at first sight!” (….ja, dit gebeur in die regte lewe en nie net in die ‘movies’ nie!) Na daardie aand was die koël deur die kerk en die res is geskiedenis!


    Hoe het julle verloof geraak?

    My pa het ‘n wildsplaas met ‘n dek van sewe meter hoog – my gunsteling plek in die hele wêreld! Vir my verjaardag het ek my naaste vriende en familie plaastoe genooi. WJ het toe nog in Nelspruit gebly. Hy moes die Vrydag na ‘n vêr klient gaan en het gesê hy gaan eers laat die Vrydagaand of vroeg die Saterdagoggend kan kom.

    Die Vrydagoggend het hy my vroeg wakker gebel en gesê ek moet in my kar se kattabak by die spaarwiel gaan kyk, daar was ‘n briefie (wat hy die vorige naweek daar weggesteek het). In die briefie het hy verduidelik dat hy met my bestuurder gereël het dat ek die dag verlof het, en dat hy vir my en my ma ‘n middag by die spa bespreek het. Hy het gesê dis ‘n bederfie omdat hy nie op my verjaardag by my kan wees nie. Omdat hy so ‘n romantiese persoon is was dit glad nie vir my vreemd of verdag nie. In die briefie het hy verder geskryf dat hy my verjaarsdaggeskenk op my gunstelingplek gaan wegsteek en dat ek net vir my pa moet vra waar dit is as ek op die plaas aankom.

    Nadat ons by die spa ontspan het, het ek  dek toe gery om my geskenk te gaan soek. Toe ek daar aankom was dit tjoepstil – ek het niks of niemand gesien nie. Eers toe ek heel bo kom het WJ opgespring…ek het nog nie eers ‘hallo’ gesê nie, toe gaan hy al op een knie en vra my om met hom te trou. Daar was die mooiste sonsak nog ooit aan die een kant van die dek en die ander kant was die ‘super-maan’ besig om op te kom. Daar was koekies en kasies en sjampanje. Later het al ons vriende by ons kom aansluit op die dek (almal het geweet) en die hele naweek was een groot feesviering gewees.


    Vertel bietjie meer oor die styl van julle troue?

    Ons styl was boheems. Groen is my en WJ se gunsteling kleur, so ons kleurskema was hoofsaaklik groen met  bruin, wit, pienk en geel. Ons het op my pa se plaas getrou – die seremonie was by die dam en die onthaal was rondom die stoor en stoorhuis.


    Familie en vriende het al van die Donderdag gekom om te kom help. Dit was ongelooflik spesiaal gewees, so ‘n familie-vriende-spanpoging-troue waar almal saamgewerk het, saam gelag het en saam gekuier het. Dit het ook gemaak dat almal die troue baie waardeer het, juis omdat hulle geweet het hoeveel moeite dit was!


    Ek en WJ is plat-op-die-aarde-mense wat mal is oor ons familie en vriende, niks was baie formeel en styf nie. Ons het gehuppel toe ons in die onthaal instap en ons het ge-tiekiedraai in ons openingsdans – dit was die mooiste, lekkerste en gelukkigste dag nog van my lewe.


    Waaroor het julle preek gegaan?

    Ons het vir WJ se skoonsussie gevra om die boodskap vir ons te doen. Haar preek het gegaan oor hoe God ons oor die jare vir mekaar  uitgekerf het en met ‘n plan gemaak het sodat ons by mekaar pas en hoe ons ook met ‘n plan in die huwelik moet in gaan; met ‘n einddoel in sig. Sy het vir ons twee uitgekerfde houtmannetjies gegee en die preek in ‘n mooi boksie gesit wat ons vir altyd kan hou en ons altyd aan daardie dag en God se plan kan herhinner.



    Wat was vir jou die heel beste oomblik ?

    Sjoe…ALLES…ek weet dit is ‘n clichè antwoord, maar elke liewe oomblik van my troudag was my gunsteling! Ek sal probeer om ‘n paar te noem:

    • Die eerste oomblik wat my pa my gesien het.
    • Die oomblik toe ek met ‘n donkiekar afry kerk toe en WJ se gesig sien, en saam met my pa in die gang kon afstap.
    • Die oomblik wat ek ‘ja’ kon sê en my man vir die eerste keer soen.
    • Die feit dat ons gaste dit geniet het en soveel komplimente gegee het en gesê het dat hulle die LIEFDE kan voel.





    Kyk sommer hier na ‘n kort video oor WJ en Ania se troudag:


    Fotografie: Stroopsoet fotografie

    Kruisbande: Eden&Co. Quality Leather Goods

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